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tim gildersleeve

Candidate for United States Senate, California 2018

Constitution and Amendments

Much like the Bible, the Constitution is open to interpretation. On a personal basis, I do not make any decisions unless it comes from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, the way I choose to apply the Scriptures should not be forced upon another person. For the Constitution I apply Paul’s teaching that “… the letter kills, but the spirit gives life..”. In a general sense, we must adhere to the original intent of the Constitution, but we must allow for the “spirit” of the document to legislate our country. Therefore, I am not a “strict literalist” when it comes to the interpretation of the Constitution.

I am not in favor of amending the Constitution. The only amendment I would consider would be a “Human Rights Amendment”. In that Amendment I would include in it the universal right of all U.S. citizens (if they so desire) in the United States the right to clothing, collective bargaining as workers (if they so choose), education, food, housing, medical care, transportation, and work.

My philosophy on how I will govern as a senator for the state of California is one of two options and it depends on how my voters desire for me to “rule”. Option #1 would be that I make decisions based on my viewpoints on the issues I have stated on the issues page. Option #2 would be that I would make my decisions based strictly on what the people of California want (even if I disagree with them). In a polarized vote I would defer to my position on the issue. A non-polarized vote would be if the California people reached a level of approximately 58 percent as to whether they wanted legislation passed or vetoed.