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tim gildersleeve

Candidate for United States Senate, California 2018

Disabled, Elderly, and Poor

I intend to do as much as I am allowed in the position of senator to assist the disabled community, senior citizens, and the poor in our nation.

It concerns me that many of those that are disabled are unable to find employment. I hope to assist in making that process better in California as well as the entire nation. It will be important to me to be a part of ensuring that facilities throughout California and America are “friendly” to the disabled community. The disabled community should have access to transportation in the same way that a non-disabled person does. Any disabled person should have equivalent access to transportation in the sense that if I (a non-disabled person) can jump into my car and go someplace anytime of the day, they should be able to as well. With the help of disabled advocates we will review the ADA and bring it up to date if necessary.

Budget priorities in the United States should include accessible and affordable housing for seniors. Transportation issues will be important as well. Medicare and social security should be saved. There should be cost of living increases in social security income for seniors.

While many in the United States are doing well financially, we have a population of lower income residents in California and America who are struggling economically. I intend to work on behalf of the poorer folks in the state and country. This will be a budget priority as well.