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tim gildersleeve

Candidate for United States Senate, California 2018

Political Party

For transparency’s sake, I am officially registered as a No Party Preference (Independent). I have issues with both the Democratic party and the Republican party. With the Democrats, I can agree with many issues, but due to an element that seems hostile to Christendom I have parted ways with this party. The Democrats also tend to favor the secular humanist philosophy which I oppose. I believe that the Republican party has better business solutions than the Democratic party but can tend to cater to the wealthier segment of the population. With the philosophy of less government and cutting expenses the Republican party offers no alternatives to the more vulnerable of our society but to “cut them off.” If I were to declare myself a political party I would deem myself a Christocrat (with the definition of this being of recognizing the resurrected King Jesus Christ as rightful ruler of planet Earth). I have no intention of creating such a political party nor would I want to see one created. It is an individual choice.

On a personal basis my allegiance is to King Jesus Christ first. The “establishment clause” that I am under on a personal basis is: “I render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to King Jesus Christ those things that are King Jesus Christ’s”. I view the Holy Bible as my Constitution. I do not expect anybody else in the United States or California to hold these personal convictions nor do I have any intent of establishing this as the law of the land. Those convictions must be determined voluntarily.